No. SEEME test cannot replace a diagnosis, but it may detect attention difficulties that require further investigation by an expert.

It is recommended to read and implement the personalized recommendations designed to help your child cope better with the educational requirements, and to use the parenting tools that can help the child function better.

If results indicate signs of attention difficulties, it is recommended to contact an expert for further investigation and treatment.

The test is suitable for children of ages 6-18 years.

The test lasts about 15 minutes for a child at the ages of 6-12, and 18.5 minutes for ages 13 and over

The payment is made at the website through a secured interface.
You can pay by using all credit cards except Diners.
At the end of the payment you will receive a payment confirmation by email.

The results of your child’s test and identification details will be sent to you in an encrypted manner to the email you provided and will not be disclosed to any third party. Neurotech invests significant resources in securing information and test results, recognizing the importance of privacy.

The test has no right or wrong performance. The performance is relative and is compared to children of the same age group and gender from the general population. It is important, therefore, to provide accurate date of birth and gender of the child.

No. The test should be performed continuously. Therefore, prepare the child for a continuous session of about 20 minutes in front of the computer.
If you had to take a break during the test, you should re-administer it from the beginning when it is convenient to you, using the link sent to your email.

First, check the spam box, as the email may have gone to spam box.  If not found, contact us at [email protected]

The report is intended for parents so you should review it yourself.  We then recommend that you highlight the main and practical points that you would like to share with your child in order to implement them and improve the child’s learning abilities.


The necessary conditions are:

  • Internet connection
  • Desktop or laptop
  • computer (not tablet or smartphone)
  • Speakers or headphones
  • A computer screen sized at least 15 “
  • Operating system of MAC- X Lion and above
  • One of the following browsers:
    Most updated Chrome browser (recommended)
    FireFox browser
    Internet Explorer 11 or higher

No. The test is only reliable when performed from a stationary computer or laptop. We, therefore, blocked the possibility of performing the test from mobile devices.

The process of purchasing the test and registration can be done also from mobile/ tablet.

It is very important to provide optimal environmental conditions for the test.

  • Choose a quiet and secluded room, with as few external distractions as possible, such as mobile phone messages.
  • Make sure that the child is not tired and is feeling fresh. Ideally, the test should be administered in the morning hours rather than late afternoon or evening.
  • Make sure that the child understands the instructions of the test. When the test is administered, sit behind the child without interrupting or helping, so that the results of the test will genuinely reflect the child’s attention abilities.

The above statement says that the test was stopped for one of the following reasons:

  • The child pressed other key beside the space bar. The ALT and Windows keys are closest to the space bar; make sure that the child does not accidentally click on them.
  • When using a laptop, if the mouse pad is not disabled, the child may press it accidently, and as a result stop the test.
  • Any pop-ups such as system’s upgrade messages, Skype, anti-virus, and more, may stop the test. To return to the test, click on the screen with the mouse button. Note that the test continues from the same point where it was stopped, and the child can return to the test as usual.

Once completing the test, you will receive two emails (within 1 working day):

  • Email containing a link to the results report
  • Email with a password to open the report

When you click on the link to view the results report you will need to enter the password you received in the other email, enter your password and then the results report will open.